Create a system to manage and monitor Cloud costs

Cloud Cost management is a continous process. Corz enables you to create a system that runs on autopilot

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Step 1

Create Cloud Connectors

Bring in all of your Cloud accounts to Corz by creating connectors. Once this is done, your costs will start showing up in the system.

Step 2

Create Users

Provide visibility and access to Cloud costs across your entire organization. Create users and enable them to access cost data and automation specific to their teams.

Step 3

Create Teams or Groups

Divide Cloud costs into logical groupings. Create separate teams, groups or environments to track costs.

Step 4

Review the Initial Recommendations

Based on the Cloud accounts that you have configured, Corz starts giving cost saving recommendations. Review the recommendations and identify cost saving opportunities.

Step 5

Automate Cost Management Actions

Start running Cloud automation to reduce and optimize costs using Cloud Bots. If you are a premium user, you can request for additional BOTS based on your requirements.

Step 6

Implement Cost Monitoring

Corz has inbuilt anomaly detection that alerts you on cost spikes. Additionally add custom rules to alert on specific conditions. Enable Slack notifications to receive notifications over slack in addition to email.

Step 7

Enable teams to self-manage costs

Enable engineers or teams to view their specific Cloud spending. Provide the right set of tools and access to teams to self-manage costs.

Step 8

Request custom cloud automation

Get custom cloud automation as terraform scripts or custom Bots based on your requirements. We will create custom automation specific to your needs.

After enabling Corz, the time that my team used to spend on cloud operations has reduced drastically. My developers rarely worry about cost or security since it is already taken care. I like the “autopilot” mode the most, since Corz automatically enables a large number of cost optimization and security policies with default settings.

Jackie Forman
CEO at Company

Corz is a game changer! I was spending countless hrs identifying solutions for cost over-runs. Once I implemented Corz, my cloud costs reduced by almost 30%. All I did was couple of clicks, enabling a few cost optimization and security bots.

Jackie Forman
CEO at Company

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